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History Awakened

Edgefield, South Carolina

Top vintage picture Maternal ancestors of Edna Gail Bush:

  older woman on the left, Annis Coleman Palmore Barney, my 2nd great grandmother, holding an unknown child; to her left her daughter Isabella Barney Blocker holding her daughter Annis Blocker, born in 1905. In front of her on the right, my grandmother Edna, and far left her sister great aunt Willie Mae. These are the earliest pictures of my maternal line.


Jeannette Fair Jeter


Daughter of cousin Katie, granddaughter of great aunt Jeannette Richardson and Joseph Coleman. My parents chose her to be my godmother in 1949. She was funny and very spiritual. She and her husband had a son named Sonny. See pages 90, 93.


Edna Harris Medlock


2nd cousin to Jeanette Fair Jeter. My grandmother experienced a lot of sorrows during her life. But according to my mother, she was a wonderful, loving, and protective mother, fabulous cook, and could play the piano by ear. See pages 93, 94.


Victoria Palmore Harris Croft


My great grandmother was a first cousin to Katie Coleman Jeter. In her short life she experienced a sexual assault and molestation that resulted in a teen pregnancy. She had four children, but only two lived to adulthood. See pages 66-68.


Katie Coleman Fair


1st cousin to my great grandmother Victoria.  She and her husband Julian Fair had two children, Jeanette and Arthur.  They left Graniteville, South Carolina in the 1930s. See pages 91, 92.

History Awakened

Edgefield, South Carolina


Rev. Elbert Bush, Sr.


My paternal grandfather was known as a stern disciplinarian by his four sons. In his short life, he had two wives- Minnie West Bush, 1883-1913 and Annie Powell Bush, in 1915. Annie was the only mother my father knew, and he adored her. The Bible owned by my grandfather and Mother Annie, was found among the property of Annie’s granddaughter Jean. See page 59.

Abner and Eliza Bush


My grandfather’s uncle and aunt, and the ancestor my father was named after. He lived a long life which began when he was enslaved by Jonathan Wever. See page 32.

Scan0005 (2)_edited.jpg

Eldred “Elliot” Bush


My father’s uncle, the head of a large family, many of whom left South Carolina during the Great Migration for Long Island, New York. My father remembered him based on his fancy attire. See page 53.

Joseph Palmore Sr.


Great uncle Joe served as the patriarch of my maternal line for a long time. He and his son cousin Little Joe shared their knowledge of the Palmore line, see pages 66-68.

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